Makeup Removal Uses for Dried Up Baby Wipes


Unless you’re the perfect mom who has never made any mistakes, I think it’s safe to say we have had a few instances of dried up baby wipes. There are so many of them, and it feels like a complete waste. I refuse to throw them away to this day because I’ve been hoping I’d find a new use for them. Well, it’s been years since my son even wore diapers; it’s been five years. Five years! They are still sitting around unused. I refuse to throw them away, but I also can’t give them away either.

Baby wipes aren’t absorbent

A few days ago, I couldn’t find toilet paper nor could I find a Kleenex, and I needed something right away. So, I used a dried up baby wipe. It didn’t work because baby wipes are not absorbent at all; they are meant to wet and clean not absorb which means if you try to wipe up a liquid, it just ain’t happening.

Use them to remove your lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain, etc.

Use dried wipes with a bit of water to take off lip products

I’m sure you’ve heard about using baby wipes as a cheaper alternative to makeup remover wipes because ones from companies like Pampers are face safe, but what about wipes that are dried up?

Dried up baby wipes work amazing at removing your lip products. Grab a wipe, slightly wet it, fold it in half to focus it on your lips only and wipe. You shouldn’t even have to do it that hard. This is a great technique if you did your makeup all ready and only want to remove what you put on your lips to change the color or the look. It wipes away gradually, so it won’t smear easily, but it’s not difficult either. It’s also a softer process than using toilet paper and less wasteful in regards to amount used.

Remove Too Much Makeup

Lightly touch your face with a slightly damp wipe

If you prefer light coverage and accidentally put on too much foundation, dried wipes are the perfect way to wipe away that extra makeup that just doesn’t feel like you. Once again, wet slightly and gently wipe your skin. Do it only once or twice for a lighter coverage.

Don’t Purposely Dry Out Your Wipes

Though dried wipes have worked the best for me to do the things above, baby wipes are incredibly bad for the environment, so once you have used up your wipes. Don’t buy and dry. Throw them in the trash and not the toilet after use. In the future, search for ways to make your own wipes, use reusable clothes, or buy biodegradable wipes. The latter may seem expensive, but a dying planet is a much higher price.

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