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The easiest way to get ideas for blog posts

This is probably going to sound so random, but welcome to my brain. The way I get ideas is by staring at things. Um, what? Yes, I stare at things that I own and think about what I could say about it. Sometimes I even do a word association by staring at that item, and it peeks my interest in an idea regarding it. If I’m in the shower, and I think of an idea, I’ll actually get out of the shower and record it on my phone in some way.

Not all posts will be written at once

I try to do two or three sentences at least when recording my thoughts on an idea. If you only say phrases, you can forget what those phrases mean months later. Try to think of your notes on the entry as an outline. You want to include as much info without rambling on each line, but you don’t actually have to space out your thoughts.

Use plugins for scheduling

If you do write a ton of posts at once and use WordPress, you can use a post calendar to drag and drop the posts onto the days you want them to appear. Scheduling the posts on the post page works too, but in order to visualize it better the Editorial Calendar plugin works wonders.

Don’t make the idea too complicated

It is so much easier if you write a simple post. No one wants to read a short story on the idea, and it will make it overwhelming and too much of a job for you. If you’re just starting out, it needs to be at least some what enjoyable or you won’t stick with it.

Voice-to-Text is your friend

When I am out and about, I use voice-to-text to communicate my idea in a simple and easy way. Sometimes if I try to type it out, I’ll over think my idea before I even write it. Just spill all your thoughts when you’re in a private place like your car, then look it up later when you need to write a post. This has really helped me and because I’ve been doing this, I have a back log of ideas.

There’s an App for That

For spilling all my thoughts somewhere, I like to use Keep Notes by Google on my Android phone. You can color code your thoughts, make checklists, or just create a note. It gives you a snippet of the start of your note on the home screen. It’s a simple app that doesn’t pack a ton of features because being complicated will be your down fall.

This post not sponsored in anyway, shape, or form. Just my preferences shared.

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