Beginner Eye Shadow, Jelly Much?


Jelly Much Shadows from Colour Pop

I’ve been playing with make up for a few years, but my eyes aren’t really meant for a lot of fun. They aren’t lavishly large with tons of area to make a friend say, “Wow, girl, your eye make up looks so amazing/pretty.” In truth, I have inset eyes. You can’t really see my eye lid unless I’m blinking, and you can barely see my brow bone unless I tilt my head up. So why take all that time to do an eye make up look when I can go natural or just wear mascara and still get a “oooh, you have pretty eyes” because I do (think solar eclipse – a compliment I’ve actually received), and I can do a good neutral eye (think the Urban Decay Naked palette), but it would still me nice to have pretty and sparkly eye make up for a special occasion.

The issues I’ve encountered? Glitter fall out or the liquid shadow creasing and making my lid stick to itself. The affordable and amazing brand Colour Pop has come out with a solution, it’s perfect for a beginner like me, and I’m in love.

The Color is Stunning

Colour Pop Jelly Much Shadows
Jelly Much Shadows Left to Right: Strawberry Jam, Cursed, and Perfectly Wretched

Wow! This is in normal lighting with only cropping. Do you see how beautiful those shades are? Gorgeous, sparkly, shiny, and metallic: it fits the luxe required for a special occasion or party. The shade Cursed is like spreading the color and sheen of gold foil on your lids.

It goes on smooth and dries quickly

It feels luxurious the moment you spread it on your skin. The shadow is so soft and smooth that when you apply it to the lid, it takes minimal effort. It has never creased on me, and it dries quickly so my lids don’t stick. Make sure to close the jar when you’re not using it and do it quickly after finishing to maintain that magical texture.

How I Apply It: No tools required and a little goes a long way

Jelly Much Shadows from Colour Pop

Just take a little on to the tip of your finger and swipe it across your eye lid gently and slowly. Stay on your eye lid unless you’re trying to look like a super hero. Make sure you pat it on all the way to your lashes, but only after removing excess from your finger. I usually put it back into the jar, but it’s up to you. Continue the gentle pat and drag until the lid is completely covered, then add mascara, and you’re done.

I’ve tried to apply it with a brush, but it’s just not necessary. I found it to be much more difficult to apply with one. That’s one last product you need.

It’s not a collector’s item

I want to collect them all, but unlike normal shadows, they will dry up, so make sure to only purchase when you know you’re going to use it. Purchase as you go. Don’t leave them sitting for a year because you will be sad. It won’t hold that wondrous smooth texture. You could probably still use it if you know how to work and smooth a chunkier texture.

One is enough

These shadows are pretty difficult to blend. That is one of the reasons it makes them perfect for a girl who wants a beautiful eye look without all the fuss.

Thank you for reading, and if you have ever used the shadows and want to share your experience just add a comment below.

I’m just sharing the love. This post is not sponsored.

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