Accidentally Calling 911


Accidentally calling 911 is a sensitive manner. Yesterday, I some how stomach dialed 911 outside of school after I had a parent teacher conference. I live in California only a few hours away from a recent school shooting. I was horrified, and it was super cringe considering where I was, but I did the opposite of what I wanted to do which was hangup.

Tip: Don’t hang up!

They will call you back, and if you don’t answer, they will come to wherever they believe you to be. It is different in each area, but this is the general rule of thumb. Hanging up makes them think there could be something wrong.

If you hang on the line that saves them so much time and let’s them know that it’s safe for you and them to focus on another caller that truly needs their help. Calling accidentally happens more than you think and distracts them from callers who really need them, so that makes what you do about your accident extremely important.

Hanging on the line allows them to verify it’s not an emergency. In my area, they will ask you your name and location. I was worried they asked because I was in trouble, but then it hit me:

Tip: Tell the truth because if you lie about your name and where you are, they could know/think something is wrong.

There is this Steam game called 911 Operator. It gives you so many real life tips on what to do in emergency situations. It’s so you can guide others on what to do when they call. In the game as well in real life, people will call and pretend to be ordering pizza, but they are in most cases trying to get the police’s attention. Just like a silent call or hanging up can mean that a person is in a dire situation.

I get teary eyed just thinking about this because it makes me realize there are people in situations where they can’t even be heard or communicate what is really going on.

Save your embarrassment and just tell them you are safe.

Disclaimer: I am not a 911 Operator. This is based on person experience and information that I have gathered on legal and government websites. This post is not sponsored.

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