Blog Posts Ideas & On-the-Go

The easiest way to get ideas for blog posts This is probably going to sound so random, but welcome to my brain. The way I get ideas is by staring at things. Um, what? Yes, I stare at things that I own and think about what I could say about it. Sometimes I even do […]

Jelly Much Shadows from Colour Pop

Beginner Eye Shadow, Jelly Much?

I’ve been playing with make up for a few years, but my eyes aren’t really meant for a lot of fun. They aren’t lavishly large with tons of area to make a friend say, “Wow, girl, your eye make up looks so amazing/pretty.” In truth, I have inset eyes. You can’t really see my eye […]


Where’s My Next Tip, Kat?

Hey guys! Long time no post (I mean kinda, not really even a month yet). I am cursed with the bug of too many ideas. Yes, you read that right. Maybe there are too many topics that I have tips on or I have a major case of ADD working hard against me. My son’s […]